Are you curious about a career as a receptionist in the United States of America? Now you can learn what Receptionists do, the work environment, how to become one, salary, and job outlook. 

Receptionists are commonly known as greeters or front desk staff at an organization. They are usually responsible for greeting and providing information to visitors, clients, and other personnel. They often work in an office environment but can also be found working at home, hotels, retail stores, hospitals, doctor’s offices, and many other business establishments. Receptionists are highly-skilled professionals who are trusted by their employers and customers.

What is a Receptionist?

Receptionists greet visitors, answer phone calls, provide information and perform administrative functions for a business or organization, such as a hospital, office building, hotel, university, or company. They may be responsible for other duties as well, such as filing, photocopying, and printing, or helping with bookkeeping and inventory. Receptionists may work in an office, clinic, hospital, or retail shop.

How Do Receptionists Spend Their Days?

A typical day for a receptionist includes greeting visitors, handling phone calls, and maintaining office records and files. In addition, they are also responsible for keeping track of inventory and paperwork in the office. Receptionists also are responsible for taking notes of important details from customers and clients and taking orders or arranging appointments for customers.

Duties of a Receptionist 

The most important job of a receptionist is to help people. Receptionists need to be friendly, patient, and polite to their clients. They should not make negative judgments about clients or rudely interrupt their conversation. If someone is not polite or does not treat their receptionist with respect, they may refuse to come back. They should have good customer service skills, be organized, and be able to multitask. In addition to customer service, receptionists are also responsible for answering phone calls. They are required to be knowledgeable about their company’s policies and procedures. Receptionists also need to know how to properly set up appointments and book reservations for customers. They must be able to write orders and take orders for products and services, such as medical appointments or airline tickets. Receptionists are usually very detail-oriented people. They need to pay attention to the smallest details so they can accurately and quickly fulfill customer requests. They are responsible for making sure the business runs smoothly, from office supplies to office furniture. Receptionists also need to ensure that all offices are clean and well organized. They are responsible for ensuring the work environment is free of harmful toxins and chemicals. Receptionists may have to perform janitorial duties as well, such as cleaning bathrooms, cleaning offices, or cleaning up trash.

Education Requirements

In order to become a receptionist, you need a high school diploma or a GED. You must also be 18 years old and have some sort of work experience. An Associate’s degree can help you qualify for this job. Some companies hire people with bachelor’s degrees or even master’s degrees. But it does depend on the position. The employer may want to see that you have a strong background in communications, office management, and customer service. Receptionists who are able to provide customer service are usually hired by companies such as banks, pharmacies, insurance companies, and grocery stores. You can start working at a company with a minimal amount of experience, but employers will expect that you have had previous work experience, which is usually gained through volunteer or internship programs.

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  2. Hello, Hind from Iraq, receptionists are commonly known as greeting or front desk staff at an organization . They are usually responsible for greeting and providing information to visitors,clients,and other environment but can also be found working at home, hotels, retail stores ,hospitals, sectors , office , and many other business establishments.
    Duties Receptionists is :-
    -help people receptionists need to be friendly . Patient and polite to their clients , they should not make negative judgment about client or rudely interrupt their conversation .
    -they should have good customers service skills.
    Education requirement need a high school diploma or a GED and must also be 18 years old and have some sort of work experience with an associates degree can help you qualify for this job.
    Some companies hire people with bachelors degrees or even master’s degree, they want to see that you have a strong background in communication .
    -greet visitor.
    -answer phone call.
    -provide information and perform administrative function for organization .
    -they may be responsible for other duties as well as filling photocopy , printing or may work in an office , clinics , hospitals .

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