Food Service Managers

Are you curious about a career as a food service manager in the United States of America? Now you can learn what Food Service Managers do, the work environment, how to become one, salary, and job outlook. 

The Food Service Manager (FSM) works within a commercial or institutional food service department. They are responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the food service department. Their responsibilities include planning and organizing the food service delivery system, preparing menus, managing purchasing, ordering supplies, hiring and training employees, supervising employees, and promoting employee safety. 

Food service managers are responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of a food service establishment, which may include preparing, serving, storing or distributing food or beverages, or a combination of these activities. As a food service manager, you’ll oversee the restaurant’s operations, including scheduling staff and ordering supplies. You’ll be expected to be responsible for the safety and cleanliness of the restaurant, and for maintaining its appearance and customer satisfaction. Food service managers may also be responsible for marketing and advertising for the restaurant.

Career as a Food Service Manager: The Work Environment

Food service managers are responsible for the operations of food service locations in an organization such as restaurants, cafes, food courts, catering businesses, etc. They hire, train, and supervise employees who run those locations. There are many different types of food service managers, but all of them must have the ability to manage employees and supervise locations. The work environment of a food service manager will vary greatly depending on the size of their organization.

Small Food Service Managers

Small food service managers work with small food service businesses. Small businesses are usually found at local food service establishments like a coffee shop, deli, or cafeteria. Small businesses are usually located in urban areas, and can be found in shopping malls, schools, and airports. Food service managers at small businesses usually have less than 20 employees, and they often work at a single location. The manager oversees the operation of that location and supervises the employees working there.

In these smaller businesses, the manager will be responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the business, including planning and organizing the business, ordering supplies and equipment, preparing the menus, supervising employees, and promoting employee safety. A manager is responsible for planning and organizing the food service delivery system, preparing menus, managing purchasing, and ordering supplies. The manager is also responsible for hiring and training employees, and supervising employees, as well as for promoting employee safety. The manager may also be responsible for overseeing the marketing and advertising for the business.

For smaller organizations, food service managers may work in an office or a small room at their company. For larger organizations, food service managers will typically work in an office or a large room with other managers and supervisors. Depending on the size of the organization, the work environment may be quiet or loud. Food service managers will often need to wear business clothing and meet with customers or employees.   Food service managers have many tasks to complete every day, but they usually do not have to be physically present at their workplace for most of the day. They are responsible for planning and scheduling daily and weekly activities for their business. They may also need to make decisions about the food and beverage services provided in their establishment.  As a food service manager, you’ll be expected to work long hours to complete your responsibilities. Depending on your organization, you may need to work some weekends.

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    Good morning to you. I am Shafiqur Rahaman and your website subscriber. Really I want to take one year training food service manager from your organization. Will you agree to send for me training offer letter with visa for me please? I wait to get your answer here. Thank you very much.

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    1. Hello Shafiqur, I hope you’re enjoying the educational lessons and activities I provide here free of charge. No, I do not offer training, employment, or visas for people to come to the USA. Best wishes!

  2. Hello English learners,
    These lessons are very important if we like to improve our English. We learn how to pronounce each word and what they mean. Bye

    1. Thank you for sharing, Med. I encourage you to watch the videos which will help you understand these careers better and help improve your English comprehension.

  3. Hello, Hind from Iraq, Food service manager are responsible for all function of business related to employees ( interview the train, appraise , discipline and sometimes fire the employee) also payroll the employee. This sector is profitable for investigation but must we apply the skills in the tru position. With tru manger and all time customer satisfaction , also we study the market while we distinguish our job to others. In my country this sector is flowers because not very expensive like other investigation. And Iraqi culture would like eating out of house and spend good time with family or friend. Or others, also there are many occupation in it and the median hourly wage is good variety living income

  4. Greetings Maestro Sersea
    Food service managers arte respnsable for daily operation of restaurant or other establishment that prepare food and beverages. They direct staff to ensure that customers are satisfied with their dining experience and they manage the business to ensure that it runs efficiently.
    Manager coordinate activities of the kitchen and dining room staff to ensure that customers are served properly and in a timely manner. They oversee orders in the kitchen and if needed they work with the chef to remedy service delays. Food service managers are responsable for all funtions of the busines related to employees including overseeing staffing and scheduling workers for each shift. During busy periods managers expedite sercice by helping to serve customers process payments or clean tables.
    In addition manager have financial responsability that include budgeting, ensuring cash flow and monitoring operational costs. They may set sales goals and determine promotional items.
    Food service mangers work is often hectic and dealing with disatisfied customers may be stressful.
    The median annual wage for food sercvvice managers was $ 59,440 in May 2021. Much of the projected emplyment growth in this occupation is due to recovery from Covid-19 ressesion that began in 2020.
    Food service managers will be needed to oversee food preparation and service as people continue to dine out, purchase takeout, meals and have food delivered to their homes or work places. However, more dining establishments are expected to rely on chefs and head cooks intead of hiring additional food service managers, which should limit employment growth in this occupation.
    Best Regards

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