Surveying and Mapping Technicians

Are you curious about a career as a Surveying and Mapping Technician in the United States of America? Now you can learn what Surveying and Mapping Technicians do, how to become one, salary, and job outlook. 

What does a Surveyor do?

Surveyors collect and interpret data by collecting information on the ground through the use of measuring instruments. They may use these instruments to record or collect information such as: — The distance between two points — How many trees there are in an area — The direction of the sun — The presence or absence of soil moisture — The height of an object above the ground Surveying is a process that collects data about a physical location on the Earth’s surface. A surveyor measures the landscape to create a map of the land or a topographical profile of a body of water, for example. Surveyors gather data by walking, driving, or flying over the land and then recording information about features, such as topography, land use, and vegetation, through the use of specialized instruments.

Surveyors and mapmakers make maps and surveys for everything from commercial and industrial development to city planning to public works. They create maps by collecting geographic information using surveying techniques. They collect data by driving survey vehicles, hiking, biking, or walking through an area and then using their experience and knowledge of the local environment to note and classify data on the ground. Surveyors also use a variety of instruments to collect information about topography, vegetation, and soil.

A Surveyor is a professional land surveyor that is hired by government agencies or private companies for mapping and surveying purposes. These professionals use surveyors tools to take topographical surveys and create maps for real estate transactions, insurance, utility companies, the military, and other companies. There are a wide variety of surveyor jobs out there that a person can choose from when starting their career as a surveyor.

As a Surveying and Mapping Technician, you may be responsible for:

— Creating maps, compasses, and other navigation tools

— Producing data and writing reports that will help others understand the landscape

— Determining where resources will be used

— Making sure the location chosen is the best one 

— Maintaining and repairing survey equipment

— Collecting field data

— Processing, storing, and maintaining data

— Keeping records of the information collected

— Preparing topographic maps for use in real estate, construction, and development projects

— Communicating with contractors, city planners, developers, and engineers

— Working with people to collect data

— Finding a suitable place for a new home, a business, or any other kind of development

— Making sure that all the data collected is accurate, complete, and useful

— Providing technical support to surveyors who are working for a variety of companies

How do I become a Surveyor?

To become a surveyor, you need a four-year Bachelor’s degree in surveying or a related field. You may also choose to earn an associate degree or certificate of professional competency from a technical school or college. To learn more about becoming a Surveyor, visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics website.

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