Computer Network Architects

Are you curious about a career as a Computer Network Architects  in the United States of America? Now you can learn what Computer Network Architects do, how to become one, salary, and job outlook. 

Computer Network Architects are those who build computer networks.  They design computer networks. Computer networks are essential components for the modern world. They consist of computers, routers, and other network equipment. A computer network is a set of computers that share data and applications over a communication medium such as copper wire or fiber optics. Computers can be connected to each other using physical connections or they may communicate through a virtual connection.

Computer Network Architects are responsible for creating and maintaining computer networks that allow other computers, mobile devices, and peripherals to communicate with each other. They may be tasked with designing or managing computer networks that are connected to the internet or local area networks (LANs). They may work on projects with different clientele such as hospitals, universities, and businesses. They may work alone or with a team to create and maintain networks. In addition, they often have to create solutions to meet the needs of new technologies.

What Do Computer Network Architects Do?

The job title of Computer Network Architects may seem complex, but it is actually quite simple. Computer Network Architects help companies with their data networks and computer networks. They work on projects that involve computer networking systems. A computer network is a group of computers that are linked together using communication technology. The main goal of a computer network is to share data and applications among the computers in the network. Computer Network Architects are responsible for designing, implementing, maintaining, troubleshooting, and creating computer networks. Computer Network Architects create and maintain computer networks that allow for the transfer of information. They may be hired to design or create computer networks for a client or for an organization. If they are working as an employee, they are often required to use specific computer software. They may be required to complete specific tasks. 

Computer Network Architects are typically employed by a company that is a vendor for networking equipment and software. They work in companies of any size. The type of company they work for varies. Some work for a company such as AT&T that is in the telecommunications industry. Others may work for a company such as Cisco Systems that is a manufacturer of networking equipment.

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